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Scorpio and Scorpio - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

While demanding commitment, they might find fulfillment with another. Because of their propensity for cheating, the trust in this pairing is always on shaky ground. Just thinking about straying will be enough to trigger difficulties. Scorpios are a possessive pairing. Despite the unethical double life Scorpios sometimes live, they still take care responsibilities. They go into the relationship with the best of intentions. If the spark fades, then they go outside the relationship for satisfaction. This couple will spend as much time as possible in the house they share.

They prefer to keep the world outside.

Scorpio-Scorpio Compatibility

It lets them keep their secrets. It also lets them protect their relationship from outside interference. This closeness seems wonderful at the beginning of the relationship. But, the absence of autonomy promises resentment and boredom down the road. A big fence between houses might spare the neighbors! They draw down the shades tight. Hopefully, the walls are soundproof too. When securing in a secret place all their own, two Scorpios go wild. This couple sheds their inhibitions as fast as their clothes! The downside to such lusty libidos is Scorpios are prone to having secret affairs.

Even worse, they are not forgiving of such affairs if their partner cheats. The jealousy may arise over a real transgression or one perceived in error. A playful and flirty conversation with someone outside the relationship is bad news. It is enough to set off sparks of fury! Scorpio lovers require a lot of patience and understanding from their partner. They rarely give the amount of patience they demand a partner gives to them. The sex between two Scorpios is heavenly. But, the animosity arising from intense jealousy can feel more like hell.

Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility is exceptional if this duo plays fair. They bond well on an intellectual level. Both parties find it easy to talk to one another, but they are still prone to secrecy. They need their secrecy to feel secure. No one understands that truth better than another Scorpio personality. Scorpios are on the moody side. When they are going through extreme mood swings, they understand what they need.

Scorpio Friendship Compatibility: The Select Few

But, one Scorpio can serve as an anchor for another. But, problems will arise if they are both in a down mood at the same time.

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The depression they feel can turn into a vicious circle. It extends the mood swing beyond its normal period and their emotional suffering. Scorpios find each other easy to relate to when they share their feelings with one another. They have a psychic connection. A glance from across the room or a certain way of smiling says everything they need to say. If this pairing ever mistrusts one another, all hell breaks loose. The communication between them will take one of two turns. They will either stop speaking to each other or torment each other.

The torture begins with hurtful words and sentiments. Since they know each other so well, they know what hurts the most. Arguments can be quiet or downright hellish. If the Scorpio and Scorpio relationship results in marriage, these two settle down.

Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

When they have kids, they always come first as do all their day-to-day responsibilities. Being exhausted from taking care of chores and kids limits the time they spend together.

My Scorpio Friend is a Sex Freak?! - Astrology StoryTime

If no children are involved, this relationship might slip into the parent-child dynamic. When this happens, one party is doing all the nurturing. The other ends up taking the nurturing partner for granted. The only way out of this rut is for the two lovers to restore the balance. They must show affection and caring for one another again. If the cooldown lasts too long, one or both Scorpios are more likely to stray. Two Scorpios communicate best through sexual relations.

Even though they discuss emotions, they never share everything with one another. They hold back, in part, due to their nature, and because there is an everlasting level of mistrust. Scorpios have a great deal of difficulty trusting one another. Familiarity breeds contempt. At the same time, they really know nothing at all.

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  4. Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility, in part, depends on a balance in polarities. All signs correspond with one of two polarities. The energetic forces are Yin and Yang. Yin is passive, sensitive, and open. Yang is assertive and action-oriented. It's hard to go wrong with a Pisces male in love. Suppose you find someone new who wants to be in a relationship, or maybe your partner has decided to move onto a more serious situation himself.

    Both of you have an incredibly powerful will - and you will both need to feel respected by your partner if you're going to make a go of this one. You just need to create distance by occupying your time with other friends and activities and agreeing not to feed into their dynamic. Scorpio woman would act as a good mirror of the Aries man in life. A real signs a guy just wants to be friends with benefits is that you will be his secret. If they meet in the right moment, Leo and Capricorn might get along very well.

    As friends or as lovers, Cancer male and Scorpio female make a match made in heaven. They are strong-willed, complex and enigmatic. Set sail on a voyage towards love. Ending a friends with benefits arrangement It might seem great while you're in the middle of it, but a friends with benefits relationship can quickly go sour. Ideal jobs for Scorpio.

    Scorpio Compatibility

    Some of his most popular songs include "Pretty Girl Dance Pt. Dating changes as people age, so dating older women can have its benefits. Prediction Scorpio Love Astrology, this year Scorpio sun sign born will be very liable to make a bold move in romance. In total there are users online :: 3 registered, 1 hidden and guests based on users active over the past 5 minutes Most users ever online was on. You will likely have many inventive and innovative ideas, which could turn lucrative if you actually pull the thread on it and let the idea unravel itself. Because, I would think that virgo men tend to be picky about the women they are with, and if they put a lot of analyzing, effort, and patience with a women: wouldn't they feel like their work has been wasted?. It is common to find a man resisting the urge to ask a girl out after they have been just friends. Furthermore, Scorpio is an excellent psychologist and, if your secret rests on some problem you may be experiencing, they are the best of the signs to get some deep. Beginning a friends with benefits relationship can be scary, as you likely do not want to jeopardize your friendship.

    Aquarius in Love While some signs may seek a mate with whom they can create a private world of romance, an Aquarius in love wants a partner who fits in with their friends. Scorpio makes people feel like they are soulmates, and the other person is left without knowing how this mysterious seduction happened. The Scorpio sign is a sexy one.